RSP | American General Design "Company Profile Video"

Company profile video done for American General Design that illustrates the companies goals, beliefs, and strategies.

Client: American General Design

RSP | Express Water "The Ultimate Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System"

"Unlimited, fresh, great tasting, purified drinking water at an affordable price. Express Water: the premier manufacturer and supplier of reverse osmosis and filtration systems."

Client: Express Water

RSP | "Turning Point" Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes footage of the short film "Turning Point" shot at YouTube Space LA. Commissioned by Camera Control

Watch the short film at

RSP | American General Design "Vestalia"

Our first pre-visualization development video we did back in late 2015 for developer/contractor group American General Design based out of Pasadena. This video helped sell the plans to build a new-age, modern apartment complex in Downtown Glendale on the intersection of Broadway & Pacific.

Client: American General Design